Fukuoka Interpreters' Association(FIA)

How to Ask for Interpretation

Please contact one of the FIA officers listed below to inform us of the prospective client's name and telephone number. Please tell us about other specifics as well, including the scheduled date and time, the nature of the work, necessary language, the number of interpreters or translators necessary, and the proposed fee for making initial arrangements.

FIA Office
4-25-7 Wajiro-oka, East Ward, Fukuoka City, 811-0213 Japan
Phone & Fax +81-(0)92-608-0181
email: myoshiko@par.odn.ne.jp

After selecting the most appropriate person for the job, FIA office will respond immediately for further arrangements. FIA can usually meet requests for services in such languages as English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

FIA members are willing to provide service at resonable fees. Suggested fees are provided below for your reference. Please note that they are different
depending on the nature of the job.

List of Suggested Fees

Interpreting Fees:20,000 yen and above per day(8 hours), and 10,000 yen and abover per half day(4 hours)

Translating Fees English to Japanese: 3,000 yen per A4 double-spaced sheet
Japanese toEnglish: 3,000 yen per 400 words

FIA also accepts volunteer activitiers free of charge by the request of government offices and volunteer organizations. Clients are kindly requested to cover the volunteers' actual expenses, such as transportation expenses. It will be of great help to provide as much pertinent information as possible for FIA members to ensure their best performance. Your cooperation in these matters will be highly appreciated.


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