Fukuoka Interpreters' Association(FIA)

FIA's Members

FIA consists of both individual members and corporate members. Individual members are those who share the FIA's goal and possess necessary language abilities. Corporate members are those who are also willing to offer financial support for the FIA's activities.

The annual membership due for an individual member is 5,000 yen; the annual due for corporate members is 30,000 yen.

Newly-enrolled individual members should also submit a one-time enrollment fee of 5,000 yen. In addition, individual applicants must meet the FIA's self-imposed language qualification standards.


1)FIA Membership Statistics
(as of June 2011)

Indivisual members
81(female) 15(male)

2) Languages Covered by FIA members(as of June 2011)

English 72 (female62,male9)
Germa 3(female3)
Chinese 8(female 7, male1)
French 2(female2)
Korean 6(female4, male2)
Spanish 4(female 3, male1)
Portuguese 1(male1)
Italian 1(male1)


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