Fukuoka Interpreters' Association(FIA)

FIA's Activities

The main purpose of FIA is to promote mutual friendship among its members, improve our individual skill, and contribute to international goodwill by using our language skill and expertise.

FIA conducts the following activities.

(1) Actively supporting and participating in international events hosted by the local

(2) Holding lectures and training sessions to foster international awareness of the local community and improvement of the members' abilities

(3) Other activities supportive of the
association's purpose

Providing interpreters and translators is the FIA's major activity. We select the best member(s) for each client's request,
depending on private enterprises or
government offices.

Here are excerpt of our practice in the past.

- Interpreting at a seminar for a medical treatment apparatus (private firm)
- Interpreting for a preparatory meeting of the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
- Interpreting for the 12th Asian Athletic Championships, Fukuoka 98 (Fukuoka City)
- Interpreting for legal counseling (Fukuoka International Association)
- Guiding in Fukuoka/Nagasaki (Fukuoka International Association)
- Interpreting at a seminar on Asian investment in Japan (JETRO Fukuoka)
 -Interpreting at a group discussion (Boy Scouts)
- Translation of a guidebook for the Kyushu Okinawa Summit Meeting (private firm)
- Interpreting for the Beppu Oita International Marathon (broadcasting corporation)
- Interpreting and guiding for media people (Fukuoka City)
- Escort interpreting for the Asia Open Junior Tennis Championships
- Translation for internet exchange (municipal elementary school)
- Interpreting at the secretariat for the World Geothermal Congress 2000 (private firm)
- Interpreting for wine sales meetings (foreign consulate)
- Escort interpreting for the Asian-Pacific Men's Volleyball Tournament
- Translation of a leaflet on garbage collection (private firm)
- Interpreting for investigation (public prosecutors office)
- Interpreting at symposia for the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention
- Interpreting at lecture meetings
-Interpreting for media coverage (broadcasting corporation)
- Interpreting for business meetings (foreign consulate)
- Translation of home pages (private firm)
ユs Judo Championships (broadcasting corporation)
- Interpreting for local government counseling services in English, Chinese and Korean (Higashi Ward Office)


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