Fukuoka Interpreters' Association(FIA)

Application for Memebership

A qualifying examination is held annually.
A list of admission requirements, examination date and time are available at FIA Office of Admissions.

Application forms should be submittedto the secretariat. A qualifying examination consists of consecutive interpretation test and interview.
The examination fee is 3,000 yen and the enrollment fee is 5,000 yen.

English language applicants must meet one or more of the requirements listed below. Necessary qualifications in other languages are equivalent to those of English language.

-English Proficiency Test( STEP ) 1st grade
-TOEFL595 points or above
- Conference Interpreter Licensing Exam
2nd grade or above
-UN English Proficiency Test A grade or above
-TOEIC 860 points or above
-Licensed Guide Test Granted

Examination for Membership in 2019

An exam for becoming a FIA member will be held as follows:

Date: Sunday, November 17th, 2019 from 1:30pm
Application Period: June 1st to August 31st
Venue: Fukuoka Gakusei Koryu Kaikan
Application to: kchiharu@lime.ocn.ne.jp

Payment of Membership Application
Transfer 3,000 yen (for the exanimation fee) to the FIA bank account:
Fukuoka Bank Head Office, Saving Account No. 1338517

Submit the required documents listed below by email to the FIA Office of Admissions

1. Resume( A photo must also be attached )
2. A copy of certificate(s) of language qualifications
3. Receipt for the bank transfer

please make contact with
the following email address to send necessary documents:
FIA Office of Admissions
Phone/Fax 092-944-5860


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