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Tokyo Governor and Tokushu-kai Medical Corporation

When I look up “hospitality (o-mo-te-na-shi)” in the dictionary, it means to take care of your guest from the bottom of your heart. Governor of Tokyo Naoki Inose successfully invited the Olympic Games to Tokyo with the mind of “hospitality.” It is too generous, however, if someone generously offers him 50 million yen at their first meeting, in particular, with no security and no interest. There is no exception to the rule, even for Governor Inose.

Mr. Inose received money from a medical corporation, “Tokushu-kai” just after he extended his greetings to the corporation for governor’s election. Even if governor repeatedly claimed, “It is my personal borrowing,” no one can really get convinced by his assertion. “Hospitality (o-mo-te-na-shi)” also means “no front,” in Japanese, and I feel like playing on words, “There is no front door, but there is the back door.”

A website of some local bank shows a 15%-interest for free loan. The maximum amount that people can borrow is 5 million yen, but if they borrow 50 million yen, they have to pay 7.5 million yen annually for interest. If governor can borrow the money with no interest, it can virtually give him handsome facilities.

Petit bourgeois (small citizens)” can’t accept this story at all, for they can only pay back the interest, and lament that their original capital never goes down.

Wasn’t the money he borrowed used for his political activities? Was it him who asked for the money? He does not articulate his point, incoherently talking back and forth. As a non-fiction writer, he boldly uncovered untold stories behind. He should go back to where he was, and logically explain what happened in the case.

A Japanese comical line says, “It’s a dog droppings that suspends the game of amateur baseball. “The competition of baseball and softball may revive at the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is my hope that this money scandal will give no negative influence to the games of baseball and softball in 2020.


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